Monday, July 09, 2012

Working Hard at Hardly Working

Spadina streetcar tracks are being replaced so I had to take a bus home from the airport (They had just started when I left and the job is supposed to be finished in November).  The entire intersection at Queen street is closed to traffic for two weeks (a pedestrians dream). I cooled off for a bit before going to see The Amazing Spiderman at the Scotiabank Theatre.

Construction closes Queen and Spadina
Before the movie I went to get some snacks at Shoppers Drug Mart and a woman with incredible Obsessive Compulsive Disorder held up the line while she counted out her items to make sure she had he right number of glass and boxes, then searched for the right plastic bags to load her groceries into. I gave up on waiting when the cashier dropped ont of the pickle jars and it shattered on the ground. The woman nearly lost it.

Today I'm trying to keep busy, I have lots to do before Burning Man starts in 49 days. I really want to get some posts out on my Burning Man blog done this week(along with catching up on all the unpublished posts from my UK trip). Getting some laundry done while I drink my morning coffee  and catch up on some Howard Stern episodes. All my stuff stinks like travelling.

Me at Gotham City Blvd
The heat in the apartment becomes too much, I leave to take my picture in front of some signs for a Dark Knight Rises contest. I can't wait to see this movie, I love Batman. I have tickets for the midnight screening but seeing it even earlier would be awesome. I want to go find a cool t-shirt.

The plan for the rest of the day?
-writing Postcard blog posts.
-finish some uk posts.
-Picking up groceries (the fridge is bare!).
-Going to the Gym
-Scanning new postcards I received while I was away.

If I can do all that and watch some missed Daily Shows I will deem my first day back a success and redouble my efforts tomorrow.

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