Monday, July 02, 2012


The trip to Manchester begins with an argument with my brother Paul. Most conversations go that way since he is such a tremendous prick. The chip on his credit card hasn't worked for months. This means unless a retailer accepts the swipe he's shit out of luck. He swears up and down the card works fine "95% of the time". He is either lying or stupid or both. He ordered a new card before he came to England (my idea, since it "works just fine").

Now we sit on a train to Manchester. Not speaking. He's an antisocial baby with an ipad. Im a level headed blogger venting steam.

He wants to go clubbing, Mom doesn't think its a good idea since she had to hold his drunken hand on the flight over. "I'm a grown man" he asserts, but yet he can't book a flight or pay the hydro bill.
Im off the train at Preston without looking back. I don't care if he made the transfer or not.


  1. Anonymous7/04/2012

    Hey, thanks a lot for the card. "In the name of the Father" is such a great film that the card is that much cooler for it. I hope you're enjoying your trip; you would've loved the science on film screening of "Near Dark" with makeup master Gordon Smith talking about it. When will you be back here? We've got some Jays and film action to catch up on. Take care and have fun.