Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rain Day


I have so much to do. Burning Man is fast approaching (32 days 3 hours 37 minutes 55 seconds until the Man burns).

I'm working on getting a new computer through the Ontario Assistive Devices Program. The one I'm using is 5 years old and it's performance is starting to wain.

The Internet is down at my place. My brother Paul is an I.T. professional but since he's always at his girlfriends house I don't know when I will be able to get him to fix it.

Rainy Bathurst Street from Second Cup
So I find myself at the Second Cup (a few blocks away, the one across the street from me shut down, I mourn it). They ran a summertime promotion in which a medium Italian Soda only cost a buck. Well I got used to that price and now they have jacked up to $3.50! That's way too much for soda water and syrup. I was planning on spending the afternoon here but now I can't afford it. I've been nursing this blueberry soda for about an hour now.

It was a nice sunny day when I got here and now the sky is so overcast it's almost dark out. I should escape, home before the inevitable rain. Too late, it has begun, literally as I typed. It's pouring down. I took a picture.

Now I'm stuck here. It's a full on thunderstorm.

Yoga tonight. It's only my second time. My friend Aaron teaches the class. He's good, patient and helpful with a beginner like me. I like how it makes my body feel.

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  1. You know it rarely rains in northern England ;)