Wednesday, July 04, 2012


train ride to Scotland 
I just had to escape the anarchy in the UK. My sister made it clear we weren't welcome in her home I freaked from the pressures of family and bolted, without a bag or change of clothing or most important a charger for my phone.

I also didn't tell anyone where I was going (but to be fair I didn't really know myself). On the train I got an got an angry call from my mom. They're concerned.
I assured her I'm safe and would return for the wedding rehearsal the next day. I wasn't trying to add to her stress, I just can't take anymore  myself.

I got into Edinburgh at about 3:30pm and searched around for a hostel. It was so nice and sunny and the city was beautiful. I soon found myself at the Haggis Hostel and booked shared accommodations for £20 plus a £10 deposit for the key.

 I walked over to Edinburgh Castle, which was just closing, so I went back towards the hostel, stopping to pick up toiletries to wash off my stink. It began to rain, it was an awesome sun shower. I took a photo of this rainbow.

 Back at the hostel I met some great Germans and we went out for beers with a fellow Canadian who was also in our room. We drank Guinness and Famous Grouse and Innis & Gunn and finally JäggermiesterWe drank until we could drink no more and I picked up an authentic Scotish Kebab to insulate my belly. Back at the room someone got sick and the hostel attendant hosed our room with deodorizer making it near-impossible to breathe. Not sur if I fell asleep from tired or that I was oxygen deprived.


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