Sunday, July 08, 2012

Eyeball Torture

My matante Nicole and uncle Kirk were booked on the same flight back to Canada so I got a free cab ride to the Manchester airport. <p>I think AirTransat is conducting a bizarre social experiment. We are stuck inside a tube at 35,000 feet and the in-flight movie is Larry The Cable Guy in Tooth Fairy 2. I would rather watch a gremlin tear integral components from the wing than be subjected to another minute of this shit. I get that there are kids onboard but even small children should take offense as this movie is an insult to their not-yet fully formed brains.. Maybe the plane is full of assholes.
The third movie on the flight is National Lampoon's Vacation, a halfway decent 30 year old comedy. Just cause its old doesn't make it a classic. I try my headphones in the armrest only to find it doesn't work.

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