Sunday, February 26, 2012

A spin around Delores Park

It's a big Sunday for us in San Francisco. I'm staying at Matt's place in the Mission. It feels like home I've been here so often. I'm not here for long so we have to make today count.
Sandwich from Sweet Chinito

We went to gamestop to trade in a bunch of Matt's used xbox games. Matt (on impulse) decided to buy  3ds on a whim, something I didn't have the stones for 2 days previous and now regret.

We went to the "pimp suit" store on Mission, between 20th & 19th (I'm such a "local", I knew where we were going with no need for Google). Matt wanted a Leap Day William suit, but after getting fitted they told us it couldn't be ready for Wednesday (Leap Day). It's an expensive joke that will now have to be shelved for another four years.

We picked up sandwiches at Sweet Chinito. It's been over a year since I've had one, and I missed it so much. I got my classic, Turkey, Bacon, and Provolone Cheese on Dutch Crunch Bread.

I love spending time in Delores Park on a Sunday. We ran into Jim and Ashlie, Burner friends from Shadyvil. We sat down and chatted with them for a bit. Matt took this time-lapse video using a GoPro affixed to a Ikea egg-timer on a tripod.

Matt's back was really sore. He scheduled us for Massage in Japantown. I've never been to San Francisco's Japantown before, but I've been to Japan and this is the next best thing. The mall was really cool, I wanted to eat at every restaurant in the place. The massage was my first, it was awesome. It was almost painful but well worth it. She got all the knots out of my shoulder blade.

We met Bobby at Trader Joes and then met up with Mike back in the Mission. We ate some sushi and played Mario Superstar Sluggers.

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