Saturday, February 18, 2012

baby steps though blogging

I should try and write a little bit every day. I have to write something everyday. I have been quite ill.

I spent the day volunteering at the Lightbox. It's the "Bell Free Weekend" and wasn't nearly as busy as it was last year, when thousands came for the free Tim Burton Exhibit and movies. They didn't screen any big name family titles that could draw crowds (although the older folks turned up for the Oscar-nominated Monsieur Lazhar) Hopefully next year they will have a little more going on for the kids.

It was great to see my friend Lars, who I haven't spoken to since before I went to Japan. He just got a job at the Lightbox, I'm very happy for him (and proud too). He's a film buff and a Jays fan, so we had much to discuss but only spoke a little (he's a responsible employee, after all). I'm headed back there now to meet up with him and watch the Nic Cage classic Con Air.

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