Saturday, February 25, 2012

In flight blogging

I'm gonna write this with my thumbs on my cellphone. Usually I am lucky enough to grab the isle seat but on these 5 hours i will be sandwichced between two ladies (ideal). I can hit post when I land or when I get to Matt's wifi in the mission.

My last US roaming data adventure cost me an extra 30$ on my rogers bill.

I sure got my moneys worth in the lounge considering it was free.

Air Canada has one of the best PVRs in the entire airline industry. I'm going to watch Tin Tin, even though I should see it on Imax instead of the 7" screen before me.

I almost impulse bought a Nintendo 3ds yesterday. I know now that it would have been a good purchase.

When the food goes by I think im gonna buy an in flight beer and chicken wrap w/cashews. Somehow they comped my beer.

I dozed off and woke about 20 minutes before landing. I spent that time trying not to void my bowels.
I'm back in San Francisco, a quick BART ride and I'm home in the Mission.

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