Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fly Sunny J Class

With only the slightest bit of shmoozing I find myself with complementary Maple Leaf lounge access.
I had my sob story ready but Elizabeth barley heard any of it before giving me the keys to shangrila.
This is my happy place. I love the lounge.
People bitch about Air Canada but i have no complaints.
The hot beef & barley soup warms my belly. A soothing familliar feeling befofe the sudden shock of chilly rye & cokes.
I would have gladly paid for the lounge(normally 35$) but my flight was in the morning. Now that my flight is at 630 it makes sense(booze-wise), but its too late to add the option to the flight.
Earlier I said no complaints, but it does apear they are out of cookies.

Never mind, they have been restocked (as has my beverage).

Looks like its time to fly.

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