Saturday, February 25, 2012

Flight Cancelled, re-booked

I was staying up all night for an early transit ride to Pearson for a 9 am flight to San Francisco. I got a text message from Air Canada at 2:45 am about my flight being cancelled. I quickly hopped on the website to find out if I was screwed. Thankfully it has nothing to do with labour strife and everything to do with inclement  weather. I moved fast to re-book on a later flight. The first flight I selected jammed up but the second time I tried I was successful. I will be getting in at 9pm instead of noon. I was really looking forward to spending a Saturday afternoon in my city by the bay but better that my whole trip wasn't shot to shit.

Since my flight now doesn't leave till 4pm, I wish I had added Maple Leaf Lounge access. I guess I can try and get some rest now that I dont have to be on the first subway out, 

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