Sunday, February 19, 2012

one was one too many at rex

Con Air at the Tiff Bell Lightbox was brilliantly stupid. Sure, I saw it back in the day, but back then I wore the rose-coloured glasses of a 15 year old desperate for 2 hours of escapism. To see it with a theatre full of shlock connoisseurs was truly an experience to be had. It's was absolutely ridiculous. At first it almost seems tongue-in-cheek, but in reality it's taking itself completely serious. I had such a good time. I hope the lightbox programs more of this type of fare in the future.

After the movie I went to the REX to meet Shawna and some pals for a pint.

The pharmacist at Shoppers Drug Mart had advised me not to consume alcohol while taking my prescribed antibiotics. Next time I will heed his advice. I threw up 5 minutes after getting home.

It was worth it to see Shawna and everyone and hear some good jazz.

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