Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jennifer's Body World Premiere

Photo courtesy of Ian Gibson.

Today was the opening of the Toronto International Film Festival, and my first movie was a Midnight Madness presentation: Jennifer's Body, a teen horror flick starring super hot Meghan Fox (apparently she has hideous thumbs, but who noticed?). My reason for going is I love Diablo Cody, the writer. This is only her second film, but Juno was so fantastic and I'm such a fan I just had to see her new work.

Jennifer's Body is a horror/black comedy about the popular girl getting all the boys(and then eating them). It was a very enjoyable flick, the young actors were really good, especially Johnny Simmons(Young Neil in Scott Pilgrim). Meghan Fox is damn sexy, but the attention she gets from people for being hot is kind of sickening(so many flashbulbs going off when she was on stage!).

Diablo's dialogue is fantastic and has a style all her own.

After the screening, I went up to the stage and caught Diablo just before she got off, she was awesome and stopped to autograph my copy of Juno, so cool of her.

I love Tiff!

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