Monday, January 24, 2011

"That's Called Chin Music"

Eric Nagler hands you a brick in a sock and you ask "What kind of music does this make?"

I'm at the jam space watching the guys run through the set, just heard them play a great Clowns. Colin was getting shocked by his amp being plugged into an ungrounded outlet. They worked out the beginning of Days Alight, different since Momo is gone.

The Stormalongs played in Sudbury this past weekend. The show went well I'm told, although the car battery died on them as they tried to leave. I really want to go with the guys next time they go out of town. I'm missing all the rock n' roll adventure.

I had a Johnny Cash dvd I was going to sell at a CD store, but since they would probably only give me 2$, I figured I might as well just give it to Colin. 

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