Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday Lightbox

I had decided to work on my birthday because I really like being at the Tiff Bell Lightbox and it was the only Captain shift available for the rest of the month. I went and met with Granny Mo, we went to Tim Hortons for some lunch. She did not have any of the bread, she is sticking to her new diet and loosing weight. Gmo feels like she has been getting really old really fast, but its been a gradual process from my point of view.

I started my Captain shift and Granny Mo explored the Tim Burton Extibition for over two and a half hours. She really enjoyed it, and was inspired to try some stop motion herself. I have an idea I will write out for her and see what kind of sketches she comes up with. We grabbed dinner at the Canteen on my break and talked about the exhibition. I'm lucky to have such a cool supportive granny in my life. It made for a great birthday.

Facebook has made birthdays way too easy on people. People can post best wishes on your wall and feel satisfied with a job well done. Facebook is fine for wishing someone you went to grade school with a happy birthday, but if I was your best friend since we were 5 and you almost killed me in a car once and I performed your marriage last year, then maybe I deserve a personal call on my birthday *hint*. I got so many posts on my facebook I put up my cell number and asked for text best wishes, and overloaded my phone with texts. I also had no idea who the messages were coming from since I didn't have their contact in my phone and the senders usually only wrote "happy birthday!".

After my shift I went and picked up a few cans of Steamwhistle and went back to my place to celebrate my birthday. It was low key affair. A few friends came over for a few beers. I really enjoyed it. Ian brought me a bottle of Wild Turkey, so I made some Rusty Nails with Wild Turkey Burbon and Wild Turkey Liqueur.

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