Thursday, January 27, 2011

Incendies at the Tiff Bell Lightbox

My good friend Regimbal wanted to see Incendies. the Canadian film that was nominated for a Best Foreign-Language Film Academy Award on Tuesday. It's playing at the Lightbox (it opened at Tiff). I picked up the tickets early because some showings have been selling out. I finally got to use some of my massive Volunteer Voucher stockpile to get the tickets. When I told Regimbal that he would have to reimburse me for the ticket with his time, he said he would rather pay me in cash.

The movie was fantastic. It's no wonder it was nominated. I would recommend it for anyone who can handle some heavy subject matter. The movie is about a mothers dying request of her children and their journey to fulfil it. Thats all I'm gonna say. Go see it and support Canadian Cinema.

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