Monday, January 10, 2011

Gmo Monday!

I went shopping with my Granny Mo today. I got a pair of black New Balance shoes for working at the Lightbox. My dress shoes are just too uncomfortable to stand in for long periods. I have a few shifts this week so I'm glad to have good comfy shoes. We went to lunch at Baton Rouge, it was a little pricey, but Gmo loved the soup. She thinks she's been getting really old really fast. She has to take a lot of breaks to sit down and I cant really walk slow enough for her, I don't mind slowing down. I'm lucky I get to spend time with her. Her questions can be frustrating. Sometimes she wants me to elaborate on Yes or No answers.

My buddy Ian started working on reshoots, so he has a production vehicle again. We went for an evening drive. I love rolling around the city with Ian. We just talk movies and the conversation is always so enthralling.

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