Saturday, January 15, 2011

Breakfast and Green Hornet

Paul and I have a bounty of food in the fridge, thanks to me. Today I started breakfast while he was doing his ablutions. Bacon and sausage cooked on ye olde Geogio Forman and a super-cheese omelet and hash browns. It covered all the grease groups. Over coffee Paul mentioned how he would like to see some Captain Crunch in his cereal bowl, I recommended he try the grocery store.

Ian and I like to see every new movie we can, and opening weekend is a great time. We both wanted to check out Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg penned Gondry directed Green Hornet. Ian picked me up in his production wheels and we drove to the Carlton since the snow was going to prevent us from making it to the Queensway in time for the 1:30 show. The old Carlton Cinemas was owned by Cineplex and had fallen in disrepair, but the Rainbow Cinemas bought it and cleaned it up a bit. The screens are still ridiculously small, and I probably would avoid going to see a movie there again if I was offered any other option. The movie itself was very entertaining. James Franco has a great cameo up against Christoph Waltz, who as the villan can't seem to gain the fear and respect he so deserves. Jay Chou is a great Kato and Rogen maintains plausibility as a hero. Rogen and Goldberg are my heroes, their writing is so violent and so funny.

My other hero Kevin Smith had a go at Green Hornet back when it was a Miramax picture. They have adapted his un-produced screenplay into a comic book, I'm going to check it out for sure.
Kevin Smith's Green Hornet Volume 1: Sins of the Father HC

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