Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lazy Bum

To catch up on blogging, not fall behind.

Saw Kids in the Hall on Thursday, at Massey Hall with Deidra. This was the last show on their tour, the hometown show, where you get to show all those people you went to high school with what a successful freak you've become. Our seats were on the second level and we had an "obstructed view", so we had a pole to the right but it didn't block much. As the last show on the tour, this must have been the loosest performance, but the most fun to do. Kevin MacDonald's voice was fucked, which sucked cause him in a dress is so funny with his woman voice. The show was fucking awesome. Hopefully the guys can stay together for a bit and write a movie.

Deidra and I had dinner on Friday night at the Rex.

I went to have beers at Shawna's place Saturday.

Sunday I had breakfast with Jagger and his lady, then we went to see the Blue Jays beat Baltimore 5-4. Then I went to my mom's house for my Uncle Lew's birthday.

I worked out on Monday and saw the Incredible Hulk.

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