Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Fuck Ted Rogers and his Monolith

I had to take my cellphone in to be repaired. The buttons on the face are cracked. I didn't even notice till Nicky told me about the problem with his phone(we both have the Sony Ericsson W580i). When I called Rogers, they knew about the problem. The buttons were supposed to be metal and were made of plastic instead. It was still under warranty, so I brought it into a Rogers Plus store for repairs and to pickup my loner phone. I had to wait for half an hour while the one girl working the service desk helped a dude with his Blackberry(They had 5 people on the sales side, but none of them could help men, natch).

This phone is such a piece of shit. My grrandma has the same one and she can't use hers, not because it is too much tech(she is cool as hell and if she were 10 years younger she would be going to Burning Man too) but she can't use it cause it's a counterintuitive piece of nokia bullshit. I now know the frustration my granny Mo lives with when she tries to make a call. None of the buttons lead where they should, the text messaging sucks. I can't wait to get my phone back, and Android later this year.

I picked up my tickets for Kids in the Hall. The show is tomorrow and I can't wait. I bought the tickets last month with the intention of asking someone, I don't know who. I thought about asking Deidra, but I knew she would say no, just because of the cost(she is a huge Kids fan and would love to see them live). So I guess I didn't really look very hard for someone to go with, and Dee and I were looking at the ad for the show in Now magazine and I realized I hadn't told her about the fact I had bought tickets. So after I picked em up I asked Deidra if she wanted to go, she said yes. Then about an hour later I was really happy that she was gonna come and it was gonna be really funny, so I was trying to text her with my shitty loner phone and she called! She is really psyched to go too and she wanted me to know! Crazy when that stuff happens.

Ian is back from LA but I haven't seen him yet. Breakfast tomorrow is the plan.

Here is a great Radiohead video, something to think about:

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