Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mike is here!

Ran out of shakes so I had toast with peanut butter, two boiled eggs and a glass of milk for breakfast. You have to eat breakfast.

I went to meet Granny Mo at the Eaton Centre after her lesson at the Apple Store. That's early, like I had to be up at 8am to meet her at 9. That's early for me. You have a job and no sympathy for me. I love getting juice with her and chatting. We made plans to go to the Toronto International Film Festival in September. I am excited because I would be going anyway, and with G-mo going too it will be more fun(and I can't really afford to go). I know it seems a little weird, but my Granny is super cool. She can enjoy movies you wouldn't expect an older lady to like. We watched Team America together last year(She laughed!).

I think Kevin Smith's new movie Zack & Miri Make a Porno will premiere at Tiff08.

I went back to the Condo with G-Mo(That's where Grammy lives) to get some shakes. Grandma got me started on these milkshakes for breakfast, and it really changed my life. Not the shakes so much as eating breakfast.

On the bus back from Grandma's house, I got a call from Mike W. my best friend. Back from California to attend his girlfriend's sisters wedding. I hurried back downtown. We went for coffee, and then went to get a suit (We drove to the mall in Mike's sweet pimped/rented ride).

We got beers and food and good times.

looks like we are taking his sweet ride to Timmins next week. Road trip!

No gym today, I didn't know I would be hanging out with Mikey. My muscles need to be stressed serious tomorrow.

Bed time.

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