Sunday, June 22, 2008

night at the movies

I saw The Love Guru today. I have been looking forward to for a while, and it was a serious disappointment. I was lucky enough to go to a script reading last fall before they began shooting. If they had made that movie, I would be singing a different tune. Unfortunately they cut it to shit (88 minutes down from 110, shorter than some animated fair). All the funniest parts were cut or shortened. Wait until it comes out on DVD, hopefully it will be the longer cut and actually watchable.

Very proud to see my good friend Ian's name on the big screen.

Get Smart was starting just after Love Guru, so I went to see it right after.

It was better than Guru but not very funny, stay home, rent it later.

Could I spend all night in a movie theatre? Sure, why not? I went to see You don't mess with the Zohan. A pretty funny Sandler vehicle. Better than Smart and Guru, but not worth 10$. I guess that by that point I had gotten my money worth since I saw 3 movies on one ticket.

So I spent the evening going from theatre to theatre, watching movies. It was fun and easy to get away with at AMC Yonge/Dundas 24. I would and will do it again. Next time I will bring a lunch.

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