Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stormalongs @ Cameron House 04/12/08

Best show of the year(so far)! Finally a Saturday night show, attendance was great. The Cameron House is so close to my place, Paul and I hung out till it was time to go and watch the rock. At the Cameron, I ran into Nom first thing in the door. Always good to see Nim, he said Flynn was considering coming(but did not, sadly). Tasha showed up with Adrian Bendle, who I haven't seen since I lived with Nim and he was traveling around on a motorcycle. There are two parts to the Cameron House, a bar in the front with some tables and room in the back with a stage and some tables. The show was at the back of the bar, and there was a private birthday in the front room. They had huge platters of delicious looking sandwiches. Paul convinced Nim to grab us some sandwiches from the party and he did!

The band was rocking! Matt couldn't stay in one place and rocked all over, even off the stage at some points. They still haven't worked the new stuff into the set, but since most of the people there haven't seen the band before, it doesn't matter. The older songs sound really tight and the crowd seemed to respond well.

After the show I started talking to Tasha, we moved into the front room so we could hear eachother. She was hungry and those sandwiches were just staring at her, so she ate one. Then someone brought out a birthday cake and we all sang and the birthday boy(I think his name was Alex or Andrew) made a speech. They passed out chocolate cake and we were kinda stuck accepting it, rather than explain we were crashing. It was nice talking to Tasha, she's smart and fun and cute as hell.

Mike W. had to miss the show, he was on his was back to California. I will miss you Mike, It was good getting beers with you and hope to see you again real soon. It was Mike's idea to add my blog as an RRSS feed for my Facebook notes, which means more people will probably read my blog, and thats the point, isn't it?

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