Sunday, April 27, 2008

Six days to the big march!

I finally went to the movies with Ian and Heather Petrus to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was so funny! Jason Segel wrote the screenplay and also stars. A guy who can't get over his ex? Yeah, I can relate.

I went to my Moms yesterday for a bbq. Uncle Lewis was there, it was good to see him and talk. I asked if he had read my blog and he had, he noticed that there were no comments. Believe me I've noticed too, I have been writing here for two months and no one has made any comments. I guess no one reads my blog.

I made plans with Auntie Chris to go see Iron Man on Friday.

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  1. Man this must had to be a good time! Great make up paul's freaky and your's jackish was Ian wearing any?