Monday, October 29, 2012

the road to ottawa is paved with snow

I'm on the road to our nations capital. Dad is driving,  his girlfriend Doriane is in the passenger seat and im in the backseat.
The rental has sirius, the veriety is a blessing and a curse since dad is a compulsive chanel switcher. We land on Howard Stern for a bit but without knowing the context he loses intrest quickly. We switch through music stations but most new music pisses him off so the shuffle continues till we hit George Harison singing My Sweet Lord.
We left Timmins at 7:20am. I slept on my friend Bree's sofa till dad woke me with a rap at the door. We hit snow just outside Timmins, most news is warning of the impending Frankenstorm but it won't hit us(but i bet the ride to MTL will be fucked).
Why Ottawa? Do's folks live there and its a great chance to visit on the way back to Montreal tomorrow. I will spend the week in MTL then cruise home on a stinky bus to Toronto.
My travel plans seem to unfold enroute.

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