Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Meeting Koji at SFO

I just called ahead to Sweet Chinito, they are working on my egg/ham/swiss croissant and I will go pick it up after typing this paragraph. They can get busy in the morning and can run out of croissants so it's always a good idea to call and save yourself the disappointment.

These keys i got from Matt are not for the front door so I was locked out and had to eat my croissant in the street like a hobo while people caught the bus in front of me. Eventually I was let in by the neighbour walking his dog.

Koji gets in at 1:30pm, I'm going to meet him at the airport and we will take BART back into the City. I can't wait to see my friend and show him around. It's going to be so much fun.

I still have to go to City Hall with Mike and get the license/paperwork completed for the wedding on Saturday. Oh, I also have to finalize what I'm going to say during the ceremony.

I have a Nexus One Google phone Kubi gave me to use while I'm here. It has a crack in the screen but it's hardly noticable, and it's an amazing phone to be certain. It's nice to have data cause I can tweet and upload photos to facebook. You don't have to sign up yo read my twitter either, just click here.

San just skyped me, he gets in on Friday.

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