Thursday, July 08, 2010

Deputy Sunny J

I woke a little late. No time to get breakfast at Sweet Chinito, I didn't even have time to hit the bong before Mike swung by to pick me up. We went back to his place and I made coffee with a splash of Irish to get my day started.

V and Mike with the license that isn't official till I see a wedding

Mike, V and I went to San Francisco City Hall to get a marriage license and for myself to get deputized so I can perform the ceremony. I took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and to guard against enemies both foreign and domestic, so if terrorists attack the wedding I am the first and last line of defense. Mike said I looked like i was really getting off on the oath. it was really cool. I am now a Deputy Marriage Commissioner for the County of San Francisco (for a day).

I always thought we would be getting married to
 each other, but they don't do "those" kind anymore :(

We picked up Koji at his hostel and we went back to Mikes place to have some beers and greet people as the arrive. I was so happy to see Mikes mom France, she is awesome. Koji Mike and I went to Taqueria Cancun for burritos. Koji looked impressed, and said it was better than any he had tried in Toronto. I feel bad that Koji is only seeing the inside of peoples apartments but until the wedding stuff is done I can't take him on any tours. We are going to try and do Alcatraz, or something cool as soon as we can.

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