Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Road to England

<p>It's 7:08 pm and I'm on a bus up Spadina, I don't know what took the streetcars out of commission. Looks like the slow beginning to a massive track repair project. Its so damn hot in Toronto I'm looking forward to the UK's famous rainy days. This bus has air conditioning which is more than I can say for the streetcar.

The subway platform is muggy as hell,making the train feel like an icebox. Every time the doors open coolness escapes.

In the next 5 years a new train will make this whole trek from downtown to the airport obsolete.

I don't think my footwear will have any life in them by the end of my voyage.
I'm using up my battery blogging about nothing.

A woman asks the airport express bus driver a question he must get 50 times a day; "What terminal does ______ airline fly out of. He says he doesn't know cause he's not flying anywhere today. I like this answer.

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