Thursday, June 07, 2012

20 years of Batmobiles

Me in front of the Bat Tumbler from Dark Knight Rises 2012
I love Batman. I have followed his silver screen adventures with feverish interest since my auntie Chrissy showed me Tim Burton's 1989 version when it came to VHS. I was even overly enthusiastic about the Joel Shumacher films, knowing the character deserved better but happy just to have him on the big screen.
Me and the Batmobile from
Batman Returns back in 1992

This polaroid cost me 10$ at the CNE back in 1992. I knew the Batmobile would be there thanks to a vague map. My grandma and I were the all over the fair grounds looking for it. My hand is recoiled because the photographer snapped "DON'T TOUCH THE CAR!" at me as he snapped the picture.

So twenty years later, when I found out the Tumbler from the upcoming Dark Knight Rises was going to be at Yonge/Eglington I had to put it on my to-do list.

Bat Tumbler in Toronto

Bat Tumbler rear-view
Here are some photos of the batpod (or is it a catpod now?).

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