Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lounging, always lounging

A huge line of people I got to avoid because
I'm blind. Just another one of the perks.
The unemployed jet-setter often finds himself in a classy airport lounge.
This plaza lounge is slightly less classy than the maple leaf lounge. No windows and thus no view(of planes, big deal). 27$ for a nice place to have a little nosh and a drink.

My flight takes off in one hour. Boarding should be starting any minute. I'm going to push it so I can max out my value in the lounge. 
The bar selection is so weak compared to Maple Leaf Lounge.
Im drinking Canadian Club Whiskey and coke.

Premature boarding. I'm in my seat on the plane. I boarded early and now I'm taking elbows from all the passing passengers. I was forgot to buy cashews before boarding but now I will have to pay the Over-Atlantic-Ocean price. In the flight announcement they actually warn against consuming your own alcoholic beverages, a dishartening warning since I stole 2 Keith's from the hobo lounge.
Pre-flight beverage

Lounge food, not bad
Damn it! More important than the cashews I was supposed to bring Chloe the latest in trashy periodicals.

Did you read this far? Comments are welcome below.

A mother and child are seated next to me, he starts whaling "DADDY!" once the plane is in the air. This may suck.

Stingy alcohol selection


  1. Have a great trip, Julien! Can't wait to read all about it!

  2. Rachel9/26/2012

    At least the kid didn't scream daddy accusingly at you. That's what my kids to. To random strangers it's very uncomfortable.