Friday, November 16, 2012

Where is the Seasoning Salt?

A tasty teen burger combo
(notice the seasoning salt On the rings?)
I love A&W. I was just at the 1 Richmond St W Toronto location and ordered a Teen burger combo with onion rings, When I noticed there wasn't any seasoning salt at the tables, I asked the cashier for some. She said that "A&W doesn't have seasoning salt". I know that's not true. I told her that I was just at the new Queen W location and they had it out on the tables. The cashier was very nice and went In back and added seasoning salt to my rings. Why isn't the shaker out on the tables? Is this a cost saving measure? Was I putting too much in my rings or were too many shakers of seasoning salt being outright pilfered? The table had regular salt and pepper. The second reason I go to A&W is the seasoning salt on the rings (of course the primary reason is frosty cold rootbeer in a mug).

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  1. They're totally rationing it! All fast food joints do it with the ketchup and when I ask for some I get 2 whole packets. I've got it down now - I use about 8 and ask for that. Don't judge me and my ketchup obsession. I wish I'd not had the flu when I was home - A&W was on my list of eats!