Friday, November 18, 2011

New Jays logo looks great!

The New Blue Jays logo 
The Blue Jays have finally gotten rid of the blue-less black "Jays" uniform and embraced their roots unveiling a sleek new uniform. The new look and logo is a modern retooling of the classic blue bird fans grew up with. This is the point. If you were ten years old in '92 that means you are 29 now and your buying power is enough to move a baseball franchise to drop it's much hated "T" logo. I have to point out that the jerseys are $90 more than what they cost last year (now $219).

The fancy event to announce the new logo was invite only and fans & bloggers were left out, John Lott wrote a good piece at the National Post (Toronto Blue Jays regret leaving fans out of logo unveiling).

At least they did one service to fans. The Blue Jays website announced that Ricky Romero, Adam Lind, Brandon Morrow and J.P. Arencibia would be at Jays Shop at SEARS at Yonge and Dundas from 5-6 signing autographs.

Never one to miss a chance to meet a Blue Jay I rushed over to the Eaton Centre to see the new units up close and get my baseball signed. I have a ball signed by Al Leiter and Rob Butler from when I was a little kid. I always wanted to add to it and have it covered with Blue Jay autographs.

The shop is the same except for the signage and merchandise all feature the new logo.They gave out wristbands at 2pm, I got mine then hurried home to make a sandwich. I got back to the mall at about 4:30 and the Blue Jays promptly showed up at 5.

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