Wednesday, May 18, 2011

thoughts in New York City

Just some thoughts.

The bus was two and a half hours late getting into New York. A closed bus lane into the Lincoln Tunnel sent us on a scenic detour though New Jersey. By the time we approached the tunnel again it was 9:30 and our bus driver informed us we were about to learn what it's like to enter Manhattan durring rush hour.

Walking around a bunch. 

Manhattan is wealth, pure concentrated wealth. You can't have wealth without a ton of people to hold doors open for you and wait for you in cars.

Black Escalades with tinted windows wait on every curb. 

I like the pod hotel/ It was tiny. I turned the television to Comedy Central and watched some House Party 2, 
Soaked, just soaked to the bone. My sneakers squished with every step.

Drying my shoes with the hair dryer,  
I ordered a small pepperoni pie and they said it would take about ten minutes. I went to pick up a six pack. 
They forgot to make my pizza. He offered me a Pepsi but I told him I'd have a beer. I was soaking wet and imagining being back at my hotel with the pie and my 6 pack.

I ran out to pick up a rush ticket for How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. You can get cheap tickets to Broadway musicals if you don't care where you sit and can line up early in the am. 

Bagel and a Shmear for breakfast. 

Museum of Television and Radio Pealy Centre was fucking amazing. I watched a ton of Andy Kaufman footage I have never seen before.

Met up with Steve Stecklow, a friend from Burning Man.

David Copperfields had some amazing beer selection. Smokey beers and chocolaty beers and IPA's. I was really overcome with how awesome a time I was having and then my friend Will showed up with his girlfriend. I met Will at Mike's bachelor party (G-String-20) and subsequent wedding. Will was the funniest guy at the bachelor party and none of Mikes friends had ever met him before.
Do Not Touch, Untitled (Bear/Lamp)
This art installation was protected by two security guards (you can see their umbrellas in the photo). I asked what it was called and was told "Do-not-touch" in rehearsed english. It turns out it's Untitled (Bear/Lamp) by artist Urs Ficher.

The McGraw Hill Building, home of Sirius Radio and The Howard Stern Show
The Artie Lange Cupcake from Crumbs (500 Calories) 

Personal pie, Abertinos

New York can't seem to fuck up pizza. It's good from the 1$ slice to the slightly more expensive slice. 

Colbert Report (The reason for my trip) was awesome. It was really cool to see it live. He told us he was screwing up more than usual because he had vertigo.

"Who has two thumbs and is going to see the Colbert Report? This Guy!"
This was in front of a different hotel
 from the ons I was staying at. 

Lego Lady Liberty
FAO Shwartz is just a lame toys'R'us now. It was the toy store in the movie BIG. The last time I was there the Piano was being moved but they had it this time. They take a picture of you in front of a green screen and then you get to play on the actual piano,so stupid.
Lego Indiana Jones

Shadyvil Cups at Steve's place

Jeff Conaway hospitalized, where were you when you heard the news

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