Monday, April 04, 2011

Scalpers Suck. Blue Jays Rock!

Me and my brother Marc pre-game at Steamwhistle Brewery
I went to see the Jays on Saturday with my actual brother Marc and some friends of his from Timmins.  I could not get a hold of Cayen or Shawna, which has happend before, and not a surprise.

I sent this email to the Blue Jays feedback regarding my experience picking up my tickets before the game:

"Wow, what an exciting weekend. I am a Toronto Star Pass holder and lifelong Jays Fan. I had a great time at the games, and all your staff were friendly and helpful. 

In the Terms & Conditions of the Star Pass, it said that you could only redeem 6 passes per person. On Saturday I showed up just before 10am for my tickets, I had a scalper cut in line in front of me and redeem a stack of 12 Star Passes, then he attempted to pass off another stack of passess to another scalper who just showed up and cut into the line. The ticket agent was going to proceed with the transaction till I protested. The ticket agent then served me my tickets (top row, surprise!).  
I understand scalping is a reality of any ticketed event, however in this case your ticketing staff were facilitating tickets to the scalpers beyond the terms of the Star Pass.

On Sunday staff at least made an attempt to set up a line divider, but the scalpers were still not respecting the line. Other fans I talked to were equally upset by all the obvious line cutting. Fans want good seats to sit in, Scalpers want good seats to sell. 

Please do something about the line.
Please instruct your staff to respect limits regarding Star Passes.

Thank you,
Julien Chabot

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