Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weezer's Hurley is awesome & indie, Hipsters rejoice!

Hey Weezer, I'm back. I was pissed off at you since your last album was such a huge disappointment. But now I realize now that Raditude was just the fulfillment of a contractual obligation and a huge fuck you to your former label Geffen.

Your new record Hurley is really good, when I first heard the single Memories I knew you were trying again. Other tracks that stood out for me:

-Unspoken is bad-ass classic high school poetry.

-Where's My Sex? is straight irony looking back to Pinkerton, back when Rivers was Tired of Sex. it has a crazy change up too.

-Smart Girls is on the fucking money.

Your choice of Jeorge Garica from Lost as your cover and no title on the cover is classy. Epitaph is a lucky label.
I will see you next time you rock Toronto. Please consider the recent rumored all-Pinkerton shows to coencide with your Deluxe Edition release in November of your 1996 classic.
Pinkerton [Deluxe Edition]

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