Wednesday, March 31, 2010

kitty is fine

People have asked about the health of Bassquarter. Her face has healed fine. She spent all winter on this spot, she made the occasional attempt to go outside but was quickly foiled by the snow.
Now that it's nice out she heads outside often. I usually find her laying in front of my door in the morning. Although I have been assured that she loves me, I have a feeling she has knowledge of my can opening skills and is just using me. I'm glad her face healed and hope she can stay out of fights this summer (not likely since she's so fiercely territorial). I gave her milk today and she lapped it up like crazy.

I stopped into Valhalla on the way home from the gym, it's the best card shop in Toronto. They have a wall of postcards, with a lot of really cool Canadian postcards. You can see the card I picked out on my postcard blog soon (I want it to be a surprise to the person who gets it *cough* Chloe).

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  1. Ah man, I just read this! I'll be eagerly waiting for the post everyday!