Friday, May 12, 2006

Tool, Air Canada Centre, Toronto Ontario 9/18/01

On September 1th, 2001, some assholes almost ruined my chances of seeing Tool for a second time. Thankfully, a week later everything was back to normal and touring resumed. There was this really loud fat faced homeless kid on Queen Street and he said he could hook me up with some ham, to smoke at the show. We walked up University to St. Patrick to supposedly meet his guy. On the way we passed the US consulate. There were people leaving flowers and saying prayers, and this CRAZY FUCKING HOBO starts YELLING at everyone, "They Deserved it!". It was so uncomfortable and I wanted to not be with him but I was bound to him by a need to get scooby snacks. This crazy bastard didn't even hook me up. His guy wouldn't show, and I had to go meet Jagz at Union. Jagger lent Colin some bucks and he scored a ticket from a filthy fucking scalper. When we got into the Air Canada Centre I bought a 12$ beer, that I had to drink in the hall, so I missed most of Meshugga. Colin had a closer view of the stage, Jagger and I rocked out to some wicked jams. The set went something like this:
ions (the zappy part)
stinkfist (extended bridge)
46 & 2
pushit (salival)
eon blue apocalypse
the patient
They had the weird contortionists from the Laturalus video come out and bob their heads. And Jagger was SHOCKED when they played the salival version of pushit(One of the best Tool songs). I was really happy to hear Aenima, cause its my favorite Tool song, and they din't play it at Edgefest.

Somebody had some bowlaroos, cause Colin came over to where we were sitting and we all partook, under the watchful eye of Air Canada Centre Security.
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